rhythm of life

c   h   i   r   o   p   r   a   c   t   i   c

Holistic care

We are a one stop sanctuary for all of your health care needs. Our unique professional services include: Gentle chiropractic, bodywork, sensory enrichment therapy/brain exercises, massage, energy healing, holistic counselling & meditation/mindfulness for kids & adults. Our caring team combines research based methods with years of experience & intuitive listening to your needs.  

Bespoke sessions​

Individually crafted holistic care tailored to suit your specific mental, physical, emotional & energetic needs. Your age, personal symptoms, personality, adaptive patterns, clinical findings, emotions & intentions are considered. Each visit evolves with you! 

Urban Sanctuary

Step out of your busy life into our calming sanctuary where you are welcomed with a tea, smile, tissues, an ear to listen to you & complimentary essential oils to complete your indulgence. 

Melt away tension and stress so that you feel calmer, clearer, enlivened & more flexible in your body/mind. 

Peace P​roject

Our mission is to spread love/peace one person at a time. There is a ripple effect in workplaces, families, friendships, communities & globally when we show compassion, understanding and empathy for ourselves & others. When we are feeling at ease, aligned & centered we make life enhancing choices to further combat stress & enhance emotional/ physical health & contribute positively to our inner & outer worlds.

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