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c   h   i   r   o   p   r   a   c   t   i   c


We offer a fresh, innovative approach to mind/body well-being with unique, bespoke sessions tailored to suit your individual needs. Let us craft an experience that will help you unwind & come home to yourself in our safe, supportive environment.

Gentle chiropractic/bodywork

Research-based, professional & gentle chiropractic/bodywork to help you relax & align. Brain, nervous system & spine focused to combat the fright/flight/fight stress response. Our technique of choice is Network Spinal Analysis which is a low-force method which is suitable for the entire family. A full history & examination will help Dr Coby to interpret your body's needs & to support you with calming your mind, spine & nervous system so that you can adapt, evolve & restore. 

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Energy Healing

A clear, intuitive & validating space is held for you to feel, rest, express & release in your own way, at your own pace. Each session is guided by your intentions for your mind/body/spirit/life. Energy scans, cleansing, alignment,  belief reprogramming, ancestral clearing & masculine/feminine energy balancing may be part of this service. Your energy impacts your world, so let us help you to upgrade to your best self. 

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We offer a range of massage techniques depending on your individual condition & preferences. Add on a massage session to your regular bodywork for enhanced results & some extra nurturing. Please ask us about our many massage styles, including:

Intuitive Balinese massage, relaxation, holistic massage/bodywork, pregnancy/post natal, children's massage & gentle lymphatic.

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Weekly Meditation Class

Join Tara, Intuitive Massage Therapist, Holistic Counsellor and Meditation Teacher for an evening of Meditation and Mindfulness.

This is a class that is open to all no matter where you are at in your meditation journey.

Bookings essential as attendee restrictions may apply

Date: Wednesdays 7pm QLD time

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Holistic Counselling

Holistic Healing & Counselling offers you a safe space for Body, Mind, Emotion & Soul to re-connect.

Tara uses Holistic Healing & Holistic Counselling tools to

uniquely tailor each session for your individual needs.

You will be nurtured, supported, and confident to create a life of wellness, wholeness and harmony.

  • Feel heard while you begin your session with conscious and intentional talk therapy.
  • Feel clarity when you enter the process of setting intentions for your healing journey.
  • ´╗┐Feel empowered as you receive tools to implement into your life.
  • Feel nurtured by the continued support and intuitive healing that Sacred Tara offers. 

Lets begin this journey, together.

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Sensory Enrichment Therapy

Sensory Enrichment Therapy activates mechanisms of brain plasticity using organised sensory experiences. It  is based on the neuroscience of how the brain works and the research that has been done on the brain when sensory enrichment is added. Via the process of neuroplasticity, this modality gently assists the brain in self healing and growth. Brain plasticity is the brain's ability to alter itself and make lasting changes to it's physical structure. 

This program is well suited for children with autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorder, developmental delays, intellectual disability, balance & co-ordination concerns. Although people of all ages can benefit from sensory enrichment for enhanced cognitive function, performance, neurological conditions, concussion & the ageing brain.  


Research has demonstrated benefits in these areas-

  • Learning/memory/cognition
  • Gross/fine motor skills
  • Proprioception/vestibular system
  • Concentration
  • Feeding
  • Sleep
  • Speech
  • Social skills
  • Emotions/mood/behaviour
  • Co-ordination

Sensory enrichment maximises sensorimotor stimulation, includes pairing olfactory, tactile, visual, thermal, motor, balance and auditory inputs. Read more to find out about research studies/ fees & how our program works. 

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