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Network Spinal Analysis

Network Spinal Analysis is a leading-edge and highly researched approach where light touches on the spine produce powerful results. Developed in the 1980's by Dr Donald Epstein, it uses precise, correctly sequenced spinal input to teach your body to release physical, chemical and emotional tension from the spine, nervous system (brain, spinal cord, nerves) and muscles. It encourages your mind and body to unwind and come out of the stress response.

A retrospective study of over 2,800 people under network care was conducted by

neurobiologists at the university of California Irvine medical school. Their recipients were found to have:

                                                                    Greater energy

                                                                    Improved flexibility

                                                                    Reduced symptoms of pain and headaches

                                                                    Reduced anxiety and depression

                                                                    Greater ability to relax

                                                                    Improved ability to think and concentrate

                                                                    Reduced stress levels and greater capacity to cope with stress

                                                                    Greater confidence and ability to express oneself

                                                                    Increased ability to adapt to change

                                                                    Higher productivity and ability to accomplish goals

                                                                    Heightened emotional and psychological well being

                                                                    Greater ability to make healthy life choices


     Please contact us if you would like to read more about research studies that have involved Network Spinal Analysis.

Initial Consultation

Adult $140

Concession/Child $120

Regular Visit

Adult $65

Concession $55

Child(with parent in care) $30

Child(without parent in care) $55


3 visit pack $165

10 visit pack $500

3 visit pack (child/conc) $150

10 visit pack (child/conc) $450

Child 4 visit pack(parent in care) $100

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