rhythm of life

c   h   i   r   o   p   r   a   c   t   i   c

Holistic Counselling

Holistic Healing & Counselling offers you a safe space for Body, Mind, Emotion & Soul to re-connect.

Tara uses Holistic Healing & Holistic Counselling tools to

uniquely tailor each session for your individual needs.

You will be nurtured, supported, and confident to create a life of wellness, wholeness and harmony.Feel heard while you begin your session with conscious and intentional talk therapy.

Feel clarity when you enter the process of setting intentions for your healing journey.

´╗┐Feel empowered as you receive tools to implement into your life.

Feel nurtured by the continued support and intuitive healing that Sacred Tara offers.

Lets begin this journey, together.

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