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Sensory Enrichment Therapy 

'In randomised controlled trials, children who added Sensory Enrichment Therapy into their existing programs were 6 times more likely to improve by 5 points on the Child Autism Rating Scale. 21% of the children in the study fell below the autism cutoff score after 6 months of Sensory Enrichment Therapy, And 40% of the autistic children had a clinically significant improvement when Sensory Enrichment was added compared to 7% in the control group who just had standard care.'

Please visit www.mendability.com to find out more about their research studies on Sensory Enrichment Therapy for autism. 

Please call us to discuss how this program may assist you and your individual situation.

Additional neurological assessments can be added for screening purposes and to assess suitability for this program.

Assessments for retained primitive reflexes are often recommended once Sensory Enrichment Therapy has commenced and extra exercises may be prescribed.

A detailed questionnaire is completed to begin the program and then review questionnaires are done every 2 weeks.

New exercises/protocols are given every 2 weeks to assist with promoting growth and plasticity in the brain.

There is a self-guided program or therapy can be conducted face to face in the practice or via online platforms.

Coaching sessions can be requested that involve additional fees. 


*One off start up fee $250 -

This is tailored to your individual needs. It may include assistance with filling out the initial questionnaire, neurological/physical assessments & coaching about the program. This helps to offer an individual map of your brain and it's deficiencies. 

*$65 monthly subscription fee AUD

(to use the mendability online site, which can be cancelled at any time with appropriate notice) 

*$80 for 30 min coaching session

$140 hr for 1 hr coaching session (phone or face to face)

$50 to add sensory enrichment onto your bodywork session

Visit www.mendability.com to find out more. 

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